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The publication of authoritative expertise is a key ORG activity. Our publications are informed by rigorous research, subject to peer review and aimed at promoting new thinking and realistic policy recommendations. At all times, our practice is to make accurate information available so that open public debate can take place.

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Cover Title Type Author(s) Date
"Our War-Torn World Needs a New Mediating Body to Resolve Conflicts" - Gabrielle Rifkind Article in The Observer News Gabrielle Rifkind 26 March 2014
Addressing Violence by Recording the Casualties of Conflict Briefing Papers and Reports Elizabeth Minor 26 March 2014
Joint Findings: Casualty Recording: Assessing State and United Nations Practices Briefing Papers and Reports Action on Armed Violence and Oxford Research Group 16 April 2014
Responding to Climate Disruption – Developing the Agenda Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 12 March 2014
New Book: 'The Fog of Peace: The Human Face of Conflict Resolution' News 20 February 2014
Security in the Sahel: Two-Part Briefing Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 11 February 2014
Briefing: Security in the Sahel Part II – Militarisation of the Sahel Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 5 February 2014
The UN and Casualty Recording: Good Practice and the Need for Action Briefing Papers and Reports Jacob Beswick and Elizabeth Minor 16 April 2014
Briefing: Security in the Sahel Part I – Stabilising Mali in 2013-14 Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 29 January 2014
Iranian Foreign Policy After a Nuclear Agreement Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 22 January 2014
Sustainable Security Blog Relaunched! News 12 February 2014
Defence Committee Endorses Our Advice on Next Defence Review Press Releases Oxford Research Group 17 January 2014
Interview: Al-Qaida Tightens Grip on Iraq Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 7 January 2014
Your Support this Christmas and New Year News Vera Evertz 23 December 2014
Al-Qaida: An Idea in Search of a Cause Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 23 December 2013
Briefing: Building Sustainable Peace and Security in the Central African Republic Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 11 December 2013
Syria and Iraq: Planning for a Long War and a Long Recovery Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 28 November 2013
Iran’s Nuclear Deal: Just the Beginning, But a Historic One Articles & Multimedia Aniseh Bassiri 27 November 2013
Geneva II: Prospects for a Negotiated Peace in Syria Articles & Multimedia Richard Reeve 27 November 2013
ORG Media Coverage - Read and Watch: 'More Than 11,000 Children Killed' and 'Children Targeted by Snipers' in Syria War Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 28 November 2013
Press Release: Major New Report Shows 11,420 Children Killed in Syrian Conflict: 7 out of 10 by Explosives, 1 in 4 by Bullets Press Releases Oxford Research Group 24 November 2013
Stolen Futures: The Hidden Toll of Child Casualties in Syria Briefing Papers and Reports Hana Salama and Hamit Dardagan 24 November 2013
Syria, Russia and the Winter Olympics Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 30 October 2013
Syria and Beyond: Data Demands and Intervention Policy Articles & Multimedia Jacob Beswick 17 October 2013
A Sustainable Approach to Nuclear Zero: Breaking the Nuclear-Conventional Link Briefing Papers and Reports Ben Zala and Andrew Futter 25 October 2013
Syria and Iran Reveal Western Weakness in Addition to Strength Press Releases Vera Evertz 5 October 2013
The Mission to Count the Dead Articles & Multimedia Every Casualty Programme 10 October 2013
How Will Syria's War Crimes be Punished? Articles & Multimedia 4 October 2013
Seized Terror Suspect, Abu Anas al-Liby, Sparks US Legal Headache Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 8 October 2013
The Syrian Chemical Weapons Agreement in Perspective Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 30 September 2013
Media Launch: Naming the Dead Event Every Casualty Programme 26 September 2013
New Report Lifts the Lid on the Development and Spread of Armed Drones Around the World Remote Warfare Programme Remote Control Project 20 September 2013
ORG round logo PRESS RELEASE - SYRIA: A Means to a Bigger End - Going Beyond A Chemical Weapons Agreement Press Releases Vera Evertz 12 September 2013
James O'Connell Sad News: Loss of Our Friend Professor James O'Connell News 8 September 2013
One Signature by Assad Could Help  to Avert the Bombing Articles & Multimedia Gabrielle Rifkind 7 September 2013
The Syrian Crisis News Vera Evertz 6 September 2013
Syria: US, UK Strike Against Assad Carries High Risks Articles & Multimedia Vera Evertz 26 August 2013
A northern alliance fighter holds a reward leaflet for bin Laden and Al Zawahiri The Evolution of the al-Qaida Movement Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 31 August 2013
Every Casualty Campaign Statement on Casualty Recording and Military Intervention in Syria Press Releases Every Casualty Campaign 5 September 2013
President Barack Obama meets with Members of Congress to discuss Syria in the Ca Syria: A Fatal Choice Articles & Multimedia Paul Rogers 29 August 2013
Press Comment - Beyond Crime and Punishment: UK Non-Military Options in Syria Press Releases Richard Reeve and Zoë Pelter 30 August 2013
Photo: Wounded civilians arrive at hospital in Aleppo, Syria. Source: Wikimedia Press Comment - Syria and the Law of Unforeseen Consequences Press Releases Richard Reeve and Zoë Pelter 30 August 2013
John Kerry, Tzipi Livni and Saeb Erekat Israel: The Palestine-Iran Fork Articles & Multimedia Paul Rogers 2 August 2013
Photo: Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen October 2008. Source: Muhammad ud-Deen Al-Qaida - A Multiform Idea Articles & Multimedia Paul Rogers 8 August 2013
Photo: Ponds in the sea ice atop the Arctic Ocean, Source: NASA Fighting Climate Change Denial: Climate Disruption in Perspective Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 31 July 2013
Photo: Bashar al-Assad Portraits in a window in Damascus, Syria. Source: James G War in Syria: The Proxy Element Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 11 July 2013
Photo: Reaper MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Source: UK Ministry of Defence Remote Control – The New Narrative of Modern Warfare Remote Warfare Programme Caroline Donnellan 11 July 2013
Egypt, and the World's Revolt Articles & Multimedia Paul Rogers 4 July 2013
Image: Hassan Rouhani Source: Wikipedia Elections in Iran and Its Foreign Policy Articles & Multimedia Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi 4 July 2013
Syria: Deterioration or Compromise? Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 30 June 2013