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The publication of authoritative expertise is a key ORG activity. Our publications are informed by rigorous research, subject to peer review and aimed at promoting new thinking and realistic policy recommendations. At all times, our practice is to make accurate information available so that open public debate can take place.

Nearly all of our publications are available to read or download for free in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible, but please consider making a donation to ORG, if you are able to do so.

Cover Title Type Author(s) Date
Global Diplomatic Forum Conference Public Event: Gabrielle Rifkind to speak at the Global Diplomatic Forum conference on 24 March Event 24 March 2015
Scilla Elworthy Public Event: Scilla Elworthy in conversation with Gabrielle Rifkind at Oxford Literary Festival on 21 March Event 21 March 2015
Mural on former US embassy in Tehran Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing: The United States and Iran - A Complex Relationship Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 10 March 2015
UK Houses of Parliament Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy Reflects ORG's Recommendations News 5 March 2015
Tuareg rebel fighters in northern Mali in 2012 Briefing: Devils in the Detail - Implementing Mali's New Peace Accord Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 4 March 2015
Rally in Amman calling for release of the Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing: Is Islamic State in Retreat? Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 11 February 2015
Nigerian soldiers in Abuja Briefing: Nigeria’s Bloody Valentine - Boko Haram’s Electoral Opportunity Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 5 February 2015
Oxford Research Group. Reconciliation through Film's pilot project in Sri Lanka. Public event: Films for peace in Sri Lanka - a new opportunity? Chris Langdon to speak at event on 4 Feb 2015 Event Chris Langdon 4 February 2015
conscience-taxes-for-peace-not-war Public Event: Richard Reeve to speak on panel at People's Parliament with John McDonnell MP 11 Feb 2015 Event Richard Reeve 11 February 2015
Sand dunes in Fezzan, Libya Briefing: Libya’s Proxy Battlefield Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 13 January 2015
Arctic melt ponds Paul Rogers Monthly Briefing: 2015 - A Perfect Storm? Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 13 January 2015
Fog of Peace Gabrielle Rifkind Public Event: Can you talk to ISIS? Interdisciplinary Seminar with Gabrielle Rifkind on 5 Feburary Event Gabrielle Rifkind 5 February 2015
A sailor on HMS Monmouth preparing to come alongside in Bahrain Briefing: East of Suez, West from Helmand: British Expeditionary Force and the Next SDSR Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 15 December 2014
Placard with names of 'martyrs', Tunisia Paul Rogers Monthly Briefing: From Arab Awakening to Islamic State Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 12 December 2014
New project: Reconciliation through Film News Chris Langdon 1 December 2014
A U.S. Navy SEAL advisor Briefing: Too Quiet on the Western Front? Counter-terrorism Build-up in the Sahel-Sahara Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 10 November 2014
A Kurdish refugee waits for news about Kobane in Mirsutpinar, Turkey, October 20 Paul Rogers Monthly Briefing: The evolution of the Islamic State conflict Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 5 November 2014
Palestinian Strategy Group workshop Palestinian Strategy Group: a workshop on the Palestinian national crisis News 4 November 2014
Pioneering the Possible book cover New book: Pioneering the Possible by Scilla Elworthy News Scilla Elworthy 9 October 2014
Public Event: The Fog of Peace authors Gabrielle Rifkind and Giandomenico Picco in conversation in October Event Gabrielle Rifkind, Giandomenico Picco 8 October 2014
Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing: The Islamic State and its potential Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 7 October 2014
New project on Marginalisation and Counter-Terrorism Strategies News 7 October 2014
Conflict in Mali: New Scramble for Africa? Richard Reeve Interviewed by Islam Channel News 30 September 2014
Ammerdown Invitation: Paul Rogers and Gabrielle Rifkind on alternative visions of security Articles & Multimedia Paul Rogers, Gabrielle Rifkind 26 September 2014
Through the Fog of Peace: Gabrielle Rifkind's 'Fog of Peace' Reviewed on openDemocracy Articles & Multimedia Paul Rogers 8 September 2014
Gaza After Two Months – Consequences for Israel Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 2 September 2014
Gabrielle Rifkind's The Fog of Peace Reviewed in The Independent Articles & Multimedia 21 July 2014
New Civil Society Organisation for Casualty Recording: Every Casualty Worldwide News 1 September 2014
From New Frontier to New Normal: Counter-terrorism Operations in the Sahel-Sahara Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve and Zoë Pelter 5 August 2014
Gaza: Context and Consequences Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 31 July 2014
Street in Ramallah after an IDF raid in June 2014 Gabrielle Rifkind: Without a Vision for Peace, Violence Fills the Vacuum in Israel-Palestine Conflict Articles & Multimedia Gabrielle Rifkind 27 July 2014
"The rise of ISIS signals a deeper crisis of representation amidst the different communities of the region" - Gabrielle Rifkind & ORG Advisor Gianni Picco on openDemocracy. Articles & Multimedia Gabrielle Rifkind and Gianni Picco 7 July 2014
The Iraq Crisis (Part IV): Into the Second Month Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 9 July 2014
New Patron of Oxford Research Group - Dr Hans Blix News 18 July 2014
Remote Control Annual Stakeholder Conference Event 8 July 2014
The Iraq Crisis: A Briefing Series Briefing Papers and Reports Paul Rogers 1 July 2014
The Iraq Crisis (Part III): Is Baghdad at Risk? Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 30 June 2014
The Iraq Crisis (Part II): Catalyst for Anti-Regime Revolt and Paramilitary Coalition Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 23 June 2014
The Iraq Crisis: A Note on ISIL Advances and Potential Military Intervention Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 14 June 2014
Gabrielle Rifkind & Lord John Alderdice 'In Conversation' Event 4 June 2014
Michelle Obama Bring Back Our Girls Boko Haram: completing the circle of liberal interventionism? Articles & Multimedia Richard Reeve 29 May 2014
Briefing: The Internationalisation of Nigeria’s Boko Haram Campaign Briefing Papers and Reports Richard Reeve 14 May 2014
Defence Committee Endorses ORG Advice on Regulating Intervention News 9 May 2014
Joint Letter to Prime Minister on National Security Strategy News 30 April 2014
The War in Syria: Responding to Stalemate Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing Paul Rogers 29 April 2014
Liddite Event: The Fog of Syria Event 4 March 2014
A Case for Credible Third Party Mediation Articles & Multimedia Gabrielle Rifkind 1 May 2014
Read and Listen: Blogs and Podcast on the Every Casualty Programme's New Report Articles & Multimedia Every Casualty Programme 16 April 2014
Press Release: Systematically Recording the Casualties of Armed Violence Can Help Save Lives Press Releases Action on Armed Violence and Oxford Research Group 16 April 2014
ORG Endorses Open Letter on Sustainable Development Goal Targets News 2 April 2014