Gabrielle Rifkind

Director, Oxford Process

Gabrielle Rifkind is the Director of the Oxford Process programme at Oxford Research Group (ORG), which leads on preventive diplomacy work and high-level mediation. She is a group analyst and specialist in conflict resolution. Gabrielle combines in-depth political and psychological expertise with many years’ experience in promoting serious analysis and dialogue. Her special areas of interest are Iran and the Palestine-Israel conflict. As a political entrepreneur, she has a deep understanding of human behaviour and motivation.

Gabrielle is the convener and founder of the Middle East Policy Initiative Forum (MEPIF) and has facilitated a number of Track II roundtables in the Middle East on the Israel-Palestine conflict, as well as on the Iran conflict. Committed to trying to understand the mindset of the region, she has both facilitated meetings with and spent time talking to the leadership in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and ‘Western’ states.

She makes regular contributions to the media and hosts ORG’s ‘Liddite Conversations’. Gabrielle is author of 'The Fog of Peace: The Human Face of Peace-Making' with the former senior UN diplomat Giandomenico Picco, IB Tauris (2014), 'A Standing Conference Table: A Process for Sustainable Peace in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict', Oxford Research Group (2007), 'The Arab Peace Initiative: Why Now?', Oxford Research Group (2008), 'Pariahs to Pioneers: Report on the Israeli Settler Movement', Oxford Research Group (2010), 'Talking to the Enemy: Creating New Structures for Negotiations', Oxford Research Group (2011), and 'Making Terrorism History', Random House (2005). 

Gabrielle has written for various newspapers and online publications, including The Guardian, Open Democracy, and The Independent.