Oxford Research Group (ORG) is an independent organisation that has been influential for nearly four decades in pioneering new, more strategic approaches to security and peacebuilding. Founded in 1982, ORG continues to pursue cutting edge research and advocacy in the United Kingdom and abroad while managing innovative peacebuilding projects in several Middle Eastern countries.

ORG’s Vision

Our vision is of a world in which effective and sustainable measures are taken to transform conflicts, reduce violence and promote global cooperation.

ORG’s Mission

Our mission is to promote approaches to defence, development and foreign policies that are inclusive, accountable, sustainable and effective. We thus work to transform the way that people and policy-makers think about security, seeking to break out of the cycle of conflict and violence.

ORG’s Strategic Objectives

Our objective is to secure a shift in UK and international policy-making such that:

  1. Prior to the use of military force, all other alternatives are exhausted.
  2. During violent conflict, military action is legally constituted, strategic in approach, subject to appropriate levels of scrutiny, and in clear support of a lasting political settlement.
  3. After conflict, chances of a return to violence are reduced through peacebuilding that is strategic, inclusive and sustainable by ensuring that root causes of conflict are fully addressed.
  4. In the long-term, global cooperation is promoted through structures and institutions that sustain peace and security.

ORG’s Approach

We work on long-term, strategic and sustainable solutions to violent conflict that are rigorous, realistic, and evidence-based. Our approach is based upon the four pillars of research, advocacy, capacity-building and dialogue. Our work thus involves:

  • Researching conflict and security issues to inform public debate;
  • Engaging with policy-makers to develop, refine and promote alternative policy options;
  • Building the capacity of stakeholders to think and plan strategically towards sustainable peace and security;
  • Using dialogue to change the way that people think about and engage with conflict.