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Palestinian Strategy Group

The Palestinian Strategy Group aims to fill the ‘strategy gap’ in political decision making, education and training that has been so debilitating for the Palestinian national movement. The PSG is an inclusive group of more than 50 Palestinians from all constituencies, sectors, genders, levels and geographical areas that undertakes sustained strategic analysis on an ongoing basis and feeds this into the national debate at all levels.


ORG has brought influential Israeli and Palestinian figures together to explore possible areas of common agreement and find ways of overcoming profound differences. These encounters are invariably informative and educational, and assist in fostering important personal relationships. 


In partnership with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Centre for Policy Research and Strategic Studies - Masarat, ORG convenes meetings which prioritise inclusive strategic thinking. The project provides space for Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and the diaspora and from across the political spectrum to develop policy discussions which help inform and guide the national project. Senior Palestinian political figures remain part of the group, as well as leading academics and thinkers.


To learn more about how you can support this work, please click here.


The Palestinian Strategy Group project is supported by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. 

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