National Dialogues and State-Building

This project aims to refocus the debate not on whether we talk to Islamist movements, but on what we should be talking about. A new paradigm for engagement is required, shaped around a better understanding of these political identities and why large sections of civil society in the Middle East continue to identify with political Islam.


There are deep fault lines in the Middle East, constructed along radical political lines and primarily expressed through political Islamist movements. When and how the international community should engage Islamist movements in the Middle East has become a key question. Intense debate continues as to the importance of engaging with these parties to more successfully mediate ongoing disputes and intractable conflicts in the region.


Gabrielle Rifkind

Gabrielle Rifkind is the Director of the Oxford Process programme at Oxford Research Group (ORG), which leads on preventive diplomacy work and high-level mediation. She is a group analyst and...

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Sara Hassan

Sara Hassan joined the Oxford Research Group (ORG) in 2012 as the Middle East Programme Manager. Prior to joining ORG, Sara spent four years with IHS Global Insight as a Middle East analyst where...

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