Avoiding Military Confrontation with Iran

Oxford Research Group has a long tradition of working behind the scenes in support of conflict resolution. The Middle East Programme has been working on the E3+3 negotiations with Iran for many years, using our particular skill in networking at the highest political level. ORG has a track record of creating suitable environments and conditions for off the record meetings which need to remain outside the glare of any publicity. We have successfully brought the right group of people to sit together and participate in dialogue on the Iranian nuclear issue.


ORG is committed to working carefully behind the scenes to create the conditions for off the record dialogue with key decision makers, including former senior ambassadors and specialists in the field of nuclear science from the European Union, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the United States.

Critical to the effectiveness of these meetings is not to set an agenda or preconditions, but to generate an environment of mutual respect, within which different ways of understanding the conflict can be explored. It is hoped that common interests can be established and areas of mutual concern explored.

ORG has published several reports, including Iran: Consequences of a War and Military Action Against Iran: Impact and Effects.



Gabrielle Rifkind

Gabrielle Rifkind is the Director of the Middle East programme at Oxford Research Group (ORG). She is a group analyst and specialist in conflict resolution. Gabrielle combines in-depth political...

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Aniseh Bassiri

Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi is a freelance Researcher for Oxford Research Group's (ORG) Middle East programme, focusing on our Iran project. She is a PhD candidate in Middle East and Mediterranean...

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Sara Hassan

Sara Hassan is the Programme Manager for Oxford Research Group's (ORG) Middle East programme. Prior to joining ORG, she spent four years as a Middle East Analyst with IHS Global Insight’s country...

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Assistant Prof Scott Kemp

Scott Kemp is Advisor to the Oxford Research Group (ORG). Scott is Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT.  From 2010-2011, Scott served as Science Advisor in the State...

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Giandomenico (Gianni) Picco

Gianni Picco is Consultant and Advisor to Oxford Research Group (ORG). He worked for some 20 years (1973-92) at the United Nations. Gianni Picco led the task force which secured the cease-fire...

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