20 November 2019 

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In August 2018, then-Prime Minister Theresa May visited South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. While there she annouched the UK's strategy for Africa. 

In the same speech, she highlighted five strategic priorities for the continent. 

To achieve these aims the UK employs Fusion Doctrine, the latest iteration of efforts to strengthen the collective approach to national security when responding to crises overseas.

There is already evidence of this approach being deployed through the activity of the government's Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF).

The UK has a heavier strategic footprint in certain African states. 

We wanted to understand the impact of these commitments on the ground in these states. So, we undertook a two-year research project.

Our research revealed that significant barriers to effective fusion remain, especially where the UK engages in low-intensity remote warfare. 

As Fusion Doctrine is rolled out, it could address some of these enduring challenges. We suggest a five-step approach to making Fusion Doctrine work.