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Your support is vital to us. ORG is a small organisation that seeks to develop and promote alternative thinking on current security issues, with a commitment to non-military solutions. We work quietly with high-level insiders in government, parliament, military, academia and the media to challenge and change orthodox thinking on defence and security. Our work on situations of intractable conflict in the Middle East involves facilitating sustained strategic dialogue, by using our behind-the-scenes influence to effect sustainable change. 

ORG is widely respected within the field for its analysis and mediation that takes a long-term view to resolving violent conflict. Due partly to its reliance on quiet dialogue, it does not have the profile of larger organisations - and this means we are reliant on the generosity of individuals to continue our work building lasting peace and security.

There are four ways you can support our work financially:

  1. Make a one-off donation
    Make a one-off donation by sending a cheque payable to “Oxford Research Group” and completing the Gift Aid Declaration on the Gift Aid Form below. Gift Aiding your donation allows ORG to claim back 25% of the value of your donation. You can also donate online by debit or credit card through this Pay Pal box (or, if you prefer, through the Charities Aid Foundation by clicking the link at the bottom of this page).
  2. Become an ORG Sustainer
    Become an ORG Sustainer, by pledging £1,000 or more per year for at least three years. Sustainers will receive invitations to exclusive, twice-yearly briefings by high-level government and independent experts, as well as free copies of all our publications. More information is available here.
  3. Remember ORG in your will
    Legacy gifts are a vital source of unrestricted funding for ORG and can help reduce any inheritance tax bill on your death. For more details, please download the Legacy Pack at the end of this page, which gives information on writing or amending your will.
  4. Raise money for ORG every time you search 
    Everyclick is a free search engine that gives money to your chosen charity every time you use it. Visit Everyclick, select ‘Sign Up Now!’ and choose ‘Oxford Research Group’ as the charity you would like to support. ORG will gain a few pence every time you use everyclick to make a search.

For more information on supporting our work please contact the ORG office.

ORG also relies upon the support of a number of trusts and foundations, who we acknowledge here.