Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORG’s purpose?

ORG works to promote a more sustainable approach to security for the UK and for the world. We seek a shift in global priorities away from militarism, and towards security based on justice, human rights, prevention of conflict and fair distribution of the world’s resources.

What makes ORG different to other organisations working in this field?

Many organisations undertake research, develop policy proposals and publish reports. However, we believe that we maintain a unique approach to the work that we do by focussing on the building of relationships through dialogue. We consider that attention to the quality of human relationships is key to any successful activity we undertake, regardless of what current projects we are working on. More information can be found on the What makes us different page.

Are you linked to any political party?

ORG endeavours to work with all of the main UK political parties in order to understand and influence their foreign and defence policies. While some of our Advisors and Patrons are senior figures within political parties, and our staff are free to join or campaign for parties as individuals, ORG maintains a strict independence from party political positions. We often bring politicians from different parties together in dialogue, whether in the UK, Israel, Palestine or other countries, but we never favour or endorse any one party or political coalition.

Are you a charity, a think tank or a non-governmental organisation?

Oxford Research Group is a registered charity (No. 299436), governed by a Board of Trustees. We are also described as a think tank or NGO (non-governmental organisation). In reality we are all three, but “peace and security NGO” is often a useful, if limited, short-hand. For legal reasons, we are also a company limited by guarantee (No. 02260840). 

How long have you been established?

 Oxford Research Group was formed in 1982, and became a registered charity in 1988.

How are you funded?

We are entirely funded by charitable grants, individual donations and, more recently, by peace programmes within international institutions and foreign ministries such as the European Union, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. However, we only accept sources of funding that allow us to retain our independence and integrity. Unlike most security policy think tanks, for example, we do not seek or accept funds from the arms industry. More information can be found here.

Why are you called Oxford Research Group, even though you are based in London?

ORG was founded by a small group of individuals who lived near Oxford and for nearly 25 years the organisation was based in and around the city, hence the name Oxford Research Group. In September 2006, we moved to a new office in central London in order to be more accessible to the majority of MPs, journalists, NGOs and others with whom we work.

How do I contact an individual within ORG?

All staff and some consultants can be contacted by email using the formula For general contact details, please see the Contact us page.

Are members of ORG available to give talks?

Members of ORG regularly give talks on a range of subjects relating to our work. If you would like to ask about availability, please contact our office. Please note that, unfortunately, we receive many more requests to give talks than we are able to accept, and we would also ask for a small honorarium to cover our time and expenses.

How can I keep informed of news from ORG?

The best way to keep up-to-date on ORG’s activities is to sign-up to receive our International Security Monthly Briefings. These are emailed to subscribers each month, together with news of ORG’s projects and publications. 

Are members of ORG available for interview?

Most members of ORG are available for interviews relating to ORG publications and projects or to comment on current events and security issues. Please see the Media information page for more information.