Conflict Resolution

ORG aims to reduce the potential for violent conflict, or to resolve violent conflict, by bringing together constituencies for peaceful change. Over the past decade ORG has focused on situations of intractable conflict in the Middle East, where it facilitates sustained strategic dialogue and behind-the-scenes track II engagement.

Publication: 21 December 2017

Roundtable on Yemeni Dialogue and Civic Engagement

Working with the Conflict Analysis and Research Centre, ORG’s Strategic Peacebuilding Programme organised a successful roundtable at the University of Kent on 01 December 2017. Read more »

Publication: 27 September 2017

ORG's Collective Strategic Thinking Model

In this paper, SPP Director Emily Richardson and ORG consultant Professor Oliver Ramsbotham outline ORG’s unique methodology for Collective Strategic Thinking which helps conflict parties assess where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there. Read more »

Publication: 4 August 2017

What does North Korea want?

The country’s latest ballistic tests are a sign of its insecurity. The US should cease manoeuvres in the region – and find a way to engage with Pyongyang. Read more »

Publication: 17 May 2017

ORG Evidence on UK Policy Towards the Middle East Peace Process

Oxford Research Group (ORG) recently submitted evidence to a House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry into UK’s policy towards the Middle East Peace Process.  Read more »

Publication: 16 November 2016

The Remote Warfare Digest

Read more »

Publication: 31 October 2016

Ripe, Ready or Strategic?: The Timing of Peace Initiatives

When is the right time to undertake peace initiatives so that they might be successful? Ideally, the best time to engage in a peace initiative would be before an armed conflict has begun, because parties are uncertain about their opponent's true strength, when there is still fear about the uncertainty of the outcome, and of the war’s human and economic cost. Read more »

Publication: 29 September 2016

Syria after the Ceasefire

One year after Russia launched its aerial bombing campaign in Syria the civil war is entering one of its most bloody phases, with Aleppo bearing the brunt of violence. With Russia, Iran, the US, Turkey and Gulf Arab states united only in opposition to the so-called Islamic State (IS), the country is no closer to a peaceful settlement but the Assad regime is increasingly secure. Similarly in Iraq, where the battle for Mosul looms, victory against IS may be pyrrhic as the conflict for sectarian and foreign influence intensifies. Read more »

Publication: 24 August 2016

Strategic Studies, Conflict Resolution and Transnational Conflict

Oxford Research Group’s work with the Cairo-based Regional Center for Strategic Studies aims to explore the potential for combining strategic studies and conflict resolution approaches in addressing the severity and complexity of prevailing patterns of conflict in the Middle East Read more »

Publication: 18 July 2016

ORG and RCSS Release Second Issue of Arabic Conflict Resolution Journal

The Oxford Research Group (ORG) has published a second Arabic language journal on conflict resolution in cooperation with the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) in Cairo, titled The Difficult Challenge: Dilemmas of Resolving Internal Conflicts in the Middle East. Read more »

Publication: 31 May 2016

ORG Holds Second Workshop on Conflict Resolution in Cairo

Oxford Research Group and the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) held a joint workshop in Cairo on the 17th and 18th of April entitled “Resolving Conflicts in the Middle East: An Integrative Perspective”. The workshop included a number of experts from both RCSS and ORG, alongside a number of experts in Middle East and African affairs from diplomatic and military backgrounds. Read more »

Publication: 26 May 2016

The UK and UN Peace Operations: A Case for Greater Engagement

The report discusses recent signs that UN peace operations may be given a more significant role in British foreign and defence policy. It argues that it is in the UK’s interests to do more to enhance its participation in UN peace operations. With the British government looking to redefine its international role post-Brexit, this may be more relevant than ever. Read more »

Publication: 20 January 2016

ORG and RCSS Release Arabic Conflict Resolution Journal

The Oxford Research Group (ORG) has published an Arabic language journal on conflict resolution in cooperation with the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) in Cairo. Titled Interconnected Trajectories: Managing Complicated Conflicts in the Middle East, the journal was the outcome of a joint meeting between ORG and RCSS in Cairo in May 2015. This looked at conflict resolution challenges in a region increasingly affected by violence and conflict. Read more »